This is a smart and sensitive collection, full of wit and intelligence and honest magic.
— Matt Bell
Liminal Domestic: Stories
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"Zach VandeZande is a keen interrogator of the family, of romantic relationships, of masculinity and parenthood, with an eye for the ways in which we're animated by our worries, by our joys, by how we worry our joys won't last, or that they won't return once lost. His characters want and want to stop wanting. In Liminal Domestic, maybe nothing good is guaranteed to last forever, but trying to hold onto what is good and true and yours is always worth the try. This is a smart and sensitive collection, full of wit and intelligence and honest magic." —Matt Bell, author of Scrapper


"I love the melancholy humor in Zach VandeZande’s writing, and how he describes pieces of the world like he’s rubbing his thumb over them. In Liminal Domestic, he gives us all that, but he also gives us straight-up nightmares. Visions that are somehow both dark and tender. I guess I should be mad about it; we aren’t supposed to love nightmares this much. But I can’t be mad when I’m this moved. Zach wins again." —Colin Winnette, author of Haints Stay and The Job of the Wasp


"These are the stories I’ve been waiting my whole life to read. They bend reality, and in doing so, they peel back the mask, invite their readers to look hard and feel everything, to recognize that this strange world VandeZande writes about so impressively is yours, that these characters are you. This is the sort of collection that will break you open in all the best ways." —Courtney Craggett, author of Tornado Season